PLasma Cutting

Popular motorsports parts produced from this material:

Splitters, splitter underlays
Interior door liners
Leg braces,
Skid blocks, Skid rails and more

Our commonly stocked panels:
1/8” thick (3.25 mm)
1/4“thick (6.50 mm)
1/2” thick (12.5 mm)
Thickness of panels may vary up to approx .020“+/-

photo3  photo 4

In addition to maintaining a large stock
of material ready for immediate
shipment we offer complete processing
services from simple profile shapes to
full 3D CNC machining

We at Power Stream are experts at
processing wear/skid surface materials to
precisely fit your requirements.



Autosport Photo


Tegris Characteristic Properties
Particularly favorable stength to weight ratio
Exceptional Impact Resistance
Stiffness superior to most glass fiber reinforced material
Weight reduction over other high density panels
Glass free material allowing little to no track residue
Design flexibility allowing material usage in lieu of others