Here at Power Stream Industries we know Splitters

We produce more than 3000 automotive Aero Splitters per year.

Splitters for Short Track to Super Speedways, from Sprint Road racing to Endurance racing, from time Trials to Track days.

We proudly provide splitters to some of Motor Sports largest professional race teams as well as the grass-roots weekend racer. All are produced with the highest level of quality and precision.

We produce these from a variety of materials chosen for the attributes that best meet the customers objectives.

Some of the most popular materials are:

MC2P by PowerStream, Autosport Wear Ply by Delignit, Jabroc, Carbon Fiber, Fiber glass and Aluminum. We often combine materials to provide the greatest possible properties to satisfy customers’ requirements.

We can produce splitters direct from your CAD Geometry and established specifications relative to size, shape, thickness and material type. We can also provide custom mounting and support systems all carefully designed and produced via CNC machining processes for precise installation and repeatability.

Front splitters can be produced in 1,2, or 3-piece configurations allowing specific sections to be replaced due to wear or damage. Additionally, this allows faster replacement in a race situation compared with replacing a larger one piece unit with many more connection points.

Most of our front splitters can be produced in both stationary and adjustable designs. If you desire to create a splitter for your car and do not have any fabrication data we can create appropriate geometry to produce the unit digitizing the front of your vehicle with state of the art CMM and laser scanners.

As an alternative to the above approaches check with us to see if we have geometric data on file pertaining to your specific vehicle(50+ popular models on file!). If so, we can produce your splitter based on criteria you feel is most beneficial to you.