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Geo Systems

GEO Systems

Motorsports Test Systems

Diagnosis of in excess of 40 critical chassis and suspension conditions

Geo Systems

Discovery Kinematics, Compliance & Dynamics

  • 3D Center of Gravity and Moment of inertia
  • Wheel Pad or Hub Mount Testing
  • Dual Stage Dynamic Actuation
  • 40 Plus axes of precision movement
  • 7 Axes Measurement and Imaging Robot
  • 18" Aero Loading Range
  • 36" Vert. Wheel Travel Range
  • Many More Features and Functions
Geo Systems Discovery

Insight Kinematics & Dynamics

  • High Speed DAQ Systems
  • Torsional Chassis Testing
  • Chassis Deflection Identification
  • Rapid Laser "Finger Printing"
  • Non-Constricted "Floating Towers"
  • Unrestricted Vehicle Component Access
  • Many More Features and Functions
Geo Systems Insight

GEO APR Aware Set up and Test System

  • 18” wheel Travel Range
  • 5 Times Faster Acctuation Speeds than the Current Hydraulic APR Systems
  • Precise Position Control with No Overshoot or Undershoot Positioning
  • Coordinated motion Between All 4 Wheels
  • Establish Any 4 Wheel Attitude for Simulated At Speed Aero Loading
  • Performs Both Front and Rear Anti- Roll Bar Testing
  • Identify Mechanically Binding, Defect, or High Friction Conditions
  • Locate the Vehicle Center of Force and Center of Gravity
  • Many More Features and Functions
Geo Systems APR Aware
Geo Systems
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