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PowerStream Industries Products

  • Geo Systems

    Geo Systems

    Consists of a line of motorsports oriented set up and test systems of extraordinary capabilities. The only test platforms of their type designed specifically for motorsports use. This product line provides important kinematics, compliance and dynamics capabilities.

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  • Custom Splitters

    Custom Splitters

    PowerStream produces front aero splitters for a very wide range of competition and street vehicles. With over 3,500 units produces annually, we have the experience to help. Whether a one time custom unit or hundreds of units required per season, we welcome the opportunity to assist.

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  • MC2P


    Is a composite with a diverse range of uses. Its impact, ware resistance, relative light weight and rigidity make it a great choice for many automotive, motorsports and industrial applications.

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  • Delignit

    Autosport wear ply by Delignit

    Is a densified wood product used in motorsports and industrial applications for several decades. This material is used for under car wear surfaces for race cars throughout the world. Its exceptional wear resistant characteristics and other unique properties make it a sought after material for many motorsport and industrial uses.

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