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February 26, 2015

Successful public debut of the GEO Systems test technology

Successful public debut of the GEO Systems test technology

The Geo Dual actuation / Dynamic wheel pad drew significant attention at the North American Motorsports Expo last weekend in Charlotte, NC.

Many positive comments made and even more questions asked about our leading testing technology. We brought an actual complete wheel tower from our GEO Discovery test platform and was running through a simulated lap of Charlotte Motor Speedway.

We at PowerStream Industries were very excited to show our test technology at amateur motorsports largest event.

We believe the serious amateur car racer will see the value in our unique approach  to high end chassis and suspension testing.  An approach that allows the amateur racer to work directly with our Test and data engineers in evaluating the operation of their race cars on one of our leading edge test platforms.

We look forward to working with the SCCA and amateur racers in the future.

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