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PowerStream Industries News Article

February 3, 2015

PowerStream Industries Announces Partnership with Andy Petree Racing

PowerStream Industries Announces Partnership with Andy Petree Racing

Andy Petree Racing and PowerStream Industries announce a collaboration on the re-design and re-release of the highly sought after APR Rig. A set up system currently utilized by the premier professional NASCAR Race teams.

The new and redesigned system manufactured by PowerStream Industries will bring a substantially improved race car set up and test system to teams searching for advanced functionality in an affordable easy to operate platform. Original hydraulic system is being replaced by a modern high speed and very precise electro-mechanical actuation system.

This modernized system will be known as the GEO APR “Aware”. The Aware will provide a large number of new and important set up and test capabilities not previously possible with these type systems. Among the extensive new test functionality will be “Center of Gravity” capabilities.

The original APR rigs are highly regarded by race teams even now. The new GEO APR Aware platforms will bring this to a level never before seen in race car set up and test diagnostics.

This new platform will prove very valuable for NASCAR teams and will also bring great important performance benefits to road race series participants throughout the world.

The GEO APR Aware are in production currently with potential installations beginning as soon as April 2015.

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