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PowerStream Industries News Article

December 17, 2014

PowerStream Industries Selected for 2013 Governor's Award

Carnes-Miller Gear (CMG) and PowerStream Industries (PSI), both machining companies located in Locust, NC, have been selected for the 2013 Governor’s Award of Excellence in Workforce Development as an “Outstanding Innovative Partnership.” This is an annual award sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the NC Commission on Workforce Development.

Dr. Brenda S. Kays, president, Stanly Community College, made these remarks: “What a valuable partnership SCC developed with Carnes-Miller Gear and PowerStream Industries. We are very pleased to see our partners receive recognition for their generous support of this initiative. Together, we were able to create a CNC Machinist program and set the stage for continued economic growth and development in Stanly County.”

Carnes-Miller Gear provided classroom space and hands-on access to equipment for the two-semester training program. Dan Tweed, Jr., vice president of operations for Carnes-Miller Gear noted, “We’ve enjoyed our partnership with the College and hope that the great ideas generated from this initiative will bring the much needed support to expand the CNC Machinist program for the future.”

PowerStream Industries allowed students in the program to job shadow employees at their company. Students received 32 hours of overview training on alternative machining techniques such as: water jet cutting, laser cutting, high definition plasma cutting, coordinate measurement machining (CMM), and electrical discharge machining (EDM). Governor Pat McCrory stated in his letter of recognition to CMG and PSI that, “A highly skilled workforce is the key to success in our global economy. North Carolina’s competitive edge depends on the continued commitment of partnerships, like the Carnes-Miller Gear and PowerStream Industries CNC Machinist program, which use innovative strategies and contribute to the improved workforce employment and training opportunities for the state and community.”

“The Centralina Workforce Development Board is proud of our partnership with Carnes-Miller Gear, PowerStream Industries and Stanly Community College and their recognition for the 2013 Governor’s Award for Workforce Excellence,” noted David L. Hollars, executive director, Centralina Workforce Development Board. “Innovation drives success for the Centralina Workforce Development Board and our local workforce partners. We believe that the willingness of businesses in Stanly County and our region to work together to develop highly skilled talent will enable the county and the region to be globally competitive for years to come,” he added.

In other Stanly Community College News, SCC is offering a certificate program for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinists. This program is unique to the region in that it partners with local industry and provides not only basic and CNC machining but also alternative machining training.

SCC partners with Carnes Miller Gear in Locust who provides classroom space and equipment for hands-on training. The college also partners with PowerStream Industries in Locust to allow students to be introduced to alternative machining methods such as water jet cutting, laser cutting, high definition plasma cutting, EDM, and CMM.

Students who complete the two-semester certificate program will have completed 382 contact hours that include:

Blue Print Reading
Basic Measuring Instruments
Manual Mill & Lathe
Basic Programming
CNC Lathe & Mill Operation
MasterCam Mill & Lathe
Advanced Machining Techniques

For more information, please contact Stanly Community College’s Economic Development Division at (704) 991-0272.


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