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A substantial portion of our efforts involves producing parts for the motorsports industry. With our skilled personnel, tremendous variety of in-house precision processes, impressive inventory of motorsports related materials and our unwavering commitment to quality and service we are very popular among racing organizations that insist on the best.

We produce many different parts and sub-assemblies for many types of racing activities. The majority is involving auto racing including oval track and road racing teams. We have continuing projects with a large number of America’s most successful professional motorsports teams and race car builders as well as a long list of satisfied grass roots competitors.

We produce car parts, assembly fixtures, templates, aero components and wear surface products for Nascar, Indy car, Grand Am, World challenge and ALMS teams among many others.

We would enjoy showing you examples of the broad range of parts we produce for motorsports but due to our many confidentiality agreements we have in place with the vast majority of our customers we cannot do so. If you do business with us your confidentiality is assured!

We produce a tremendous variety of parts involving a large range of materials too numerous to list here.

Some of our most popular products produced across all
automotive race types are:

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