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Private Label Manufacturing

Design your own product

We are in a unique position to help as we have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing world. We are very comfortable blazing fresh trails relative to production. Throughout our careers we at PowerStream have worked with almost every type of metal, plastic and composite in the pursuit of a superior solution.

Our private label design and manufacturing experience is very diverse. From high-end home audio to custom automotive project vehicles we have the knowledge to help you succeed.

In most cases you will not see our name on these products. Our role is to work in the background providing solutions and support to our customers so they can reap the rewards and accolades.

Private labeling of manufactured products provides you complete control over
the design of the product. Working with us you gain the ability to focus on what you
do best while getting the most out of what we do best.


We take great pride in every project we are involved with and do not consider our tasks complete until we are confident that we will exceed our customers requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and
how we can help you succeed. Confidentiality insured.

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