• What is your typical turnaround time on an average project? 

    Average is difficult to define given the diverse nature of materials and processes utilized at PSI. We consider ourselves as a "Quick Turn" operation. Often providing much shorter lead times than typical industrial cutting or machining operations. Additionally giving the fact that we have so many processes in house it allows us to do the entire project (or a large piece of it) saving the customer the time and inefficiencies of utilizing several companies.

  • What type of materials do you process? 

    The range of materials we process is extremely diverse from Industrial Ceramics to Carbon Fiber, from mild carbon steel to titanium is common practice here at PSI.

  • Can you provide design and engineering services or do you just produce parts to customer determined specifications? 

    We are happy to take either approach. We have extensive design and engineering capabilities. We can start with your idea or casual drawing and ultimately produce parts or assemblies to your satisfaction.

  • What are your shop rates? 

    Rates vary with process and we employ many processes at PSI. Basing part or project costs on shop rates assumes all similar companys operate at same level of productivity employing the same level of employees and equipment. Certainly that is not the case. We prefer to provide pricing upon detailed review of your needs. This approach is much more valuable to the customer.

  • Does PowerStream Industries provide the material or does customer need to provide it? 

    The vast majority of our customers rely on us to provide all associated materials. Our high volume purchasing of metals, plastics and composites typically allow us to provide the material with very modest mark ups for less than the customers providing it. If you choose to provide the materials that is absolutely fine. Please ask us to provide information on the most efficient material size and configuration for the job.

  • What are the preferred file types for your processing? 

    If project is used for 2D profile cutting DXF is preferred. If for a machined 3D part stp or parasolid files are preferred.

  • What assurances can you provide that details involving a highly confidential project we have you involved in does not go beyond PowerStream Industries? 

    The majority of our customers are professional motorsports teams. Confidentiality to these organizations is extremely important. All personnel here realize to continue and flourish we must abide by the customers wishes without exception. We have privacy agreements with the majority of our Motorsports and aerospace customers. We take confidentiality here very seriously.